The Herman Hat Story

The year was 1975 when Herman, just barely old enough to shave, set out with his beautiful young bride to begin a career on the railroad. As a farewell gift, a group of their friends gave Herman a railroad engineer's cap in order to properly outfit him for his new job. Herman wore the hat proudly during his three years as an engineer and brakeman.

Sometime in the mid-1980s, Herman went on a water-skiing trip with his family. He now sported a full mustache and four young daughters. His railroad hat didn't fit the daily attire of an insurance salesman, but a day on the lake was the perfect opportunity to don an old favorite. Disaster struck when a water-ski wipe out left the beloved hat at the bottom of the lake. Despite a prolonged search and rescue attempt, the hat remained in its watery grave.

Herman Hat By the early 1990's, his mustache had grown into a full fledged beard and his family had grown to include a strapping young lad to carry on the family name. He'd fulfilled a life long dream by moving to the mountains and swapping his business suit for a tool belt, but still something was missing. For years, Herman had searched in vain for a suitable replacement for his lost hat… then one day he sat down in front of the sewing machine with an idea and an old pair of jeans. The result was reminiscent of a classic engineer's cap but had an identity all its own - it was a Herman Hat!

From that day on, Herman was rarely seen without his trademark head gear. He was often identified as "the man with the hat". Many years later, after countless "Where did you get that hat?" inquiries, Herman has decided to share his hat with the world.

Why Buy a Herman Hat?

Here are just a few reasons why we are sure the Herman Hat is destined to become your favorite hat.